Safe Destinations For a Post Lockdown Getaways

We understand that you are eager to travel again, and so are we! After all, we could all use a blissful break to escape the chaos of 2020. And what better way to do that than by setting off for a dreamy tropical getaway? White sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and warm sunshine are sure to make you feel like you are in paradise. But during these times, when we talk about travel plans, there is obviously a concern about the safety of you and your loved ones. So here is a list of 5 dreamy beach decisions that are not only pristine, but also safe to visit. 


Ah! The Sunshine State. When one thinks of a relaxing getaway, one automatically thinks of Goa. This Konkan state on the country’s southwestern coast is a treasured gem. Whether you’re travelling with family, your significant other, your elderly parents, or even if you’re travelling solo, the sunshine state has memorable experiences in store for you. Having been a Portuguese colony for about 450 years, Goa is a seamless fusion of Portuguese and Konkani culture, which reflects in its food, its people, and the local lifestyle. Stroll through the picturesque bylanes of Old Goa, visit the gorgeous Basilica of Bom Jesus and the exquisite Se Cathedral, gorge on traditional delicacies like vindaloo and cafreal, and shop till you drop at the famous Panjim market, or laze on Goa’s serene Bogamallo Beach. Once the sun sets, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party, because Goa’s nightlife is truly unforgettable! 


Perched off of the coast of Kerala is a cluster of 36 breathtaking islands that boast lush green landscapes and ocean views as far as the eye can see. Literally translating to ‘one hundred thousand islands’, this archipelago is just the right destination for that dose of sun, sea, and serenity. From splendid sunsets in Kavaratti, to tranquil boat rides in Minoy, to the blue lagoons of Thinnakara, every aspect of these islands is magical. Whether you want to spend an entire lazing by secluded beaches or explore the vibrant marine life, Lakshadweep has something in store for every kind of traveller. Snorkel or dive through crystal clear waters to explore the splendour of coral reefs, or go Kayaking out on the open sea, or sail on a yacht to savour a gorgeous sunset. If you’re looking to explore the plush forests in addition to a stunning view, there are a number of hiking trails you could go on as well. Visit the Marine Museum of Kavaratti island, where an aquarium is home to some of the most spectacular marine species.


Not too far from the port of Veraval, just off the Kathiawar peninsula of Gujarat is Diu- a small, secluded island. What was once a Portuguese colony from the 16th to 20th century is now a picturesque destination that’s just right for a quick getaway. With its pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, this little island is perfect for travellers looking for a slice of history with the side of a stunning view. Visit the scenic Nagoa beach for that quintessential dose of sun and sand, followed by an exploration of the Nadia Caves, a labyrinth of spectacular underground caves that is every photographer’s paradise. Take a heritage walk and marvel at gorgeous Portugeuese landmarks such as the famous St. Paul Church, the Diu Museum, and the stately Diu Fort. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the Gir National Park is a must visit. Home to the rare and majestic Asiatic Lion, this sanctuary is sure to leave you spellbound. Take a safari around the 1,412 square km expanse and you may catch a glimpse of rare bird species such as the Pygmy Woodpecker and Brown Fish Owl. The jungle is also home to Blackbucks, Hyenas, and Gir Foxes. Pay a visit to the beautiful Somnath Temple, also known as the pride of Gujarat. Perched right on the seashore, this spiritually charged monument is a testament to the artistry and brilliance of the Chalukya period. 

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