Is it safe to go on a cruise holiday?

The year 2020 has completely changed the way we travel. Social distancing and optimal levels of hygiene are now more crucial than ever. It is not uncommon for folks to feel apprehensive about making travel plans in these unprecedented times. At Cordelia, your safety is priority, which is why we have introduced our Healthy Waves program. This initiative comprises a strict set of protocols to ensure that our guests can rest assured and cruise with confidence. Cordelia is working closely with Public Health experts, National and International Cruise Line Associations (INCLA & CLIA) so that you can cruise stress-free to some of India’s most gorgeous holiday destinations. Here’s a breakdown of the safety measures taken on board Empress.


Guests need to participate in mandatory screening procedures and must produce required health declarations before boarding the ship. Infrared screening systems have been installed at the entrance of the ship. Depending on screening results, some guests may be asked to undergo additional health checkups or may even be denied entry on board in order to ensure safety of those on board. Guests who are above 70 years of age are required to produce a ‘Fit to Travel’ certificate authorised by a registered medical practitioner. 

Check in Protocols

Guests are assigned specific time slots to arrive at the cruise terminal in order to ensure social distancing. Waiting areas have also been arranged on board. 

Sanitization of the ship

The sanitization procedures of the ship are as per the World Health Organization’s guidelines. The entire cruise is sanitized at regular intervals on a daily basis. Before setting sail, the ship undergoes a thorough sanitization and is disinfected with industry-standard cleaners. 

Sanitization of Guest Accomodation 

All guest bedrooms are disinfected on a regular basis, including vacant cabins. The linen in each room is thoroughly disinfected and sanitised. Cabins, alleys and washroom pipes are disinfected twice a day with hospital-grade disinfectants. 

Sanitization of Public Areas & Facilities 

All public areas on board Empress undergo a two-tier sanitization level which consists of cleansing, fogging and wiping with hospital-grade cleaning agents. Elevators are cleaned every two hours and frequent touch points, such as handrails, buttons, table tops and door handles are cleaned and disinfected every hour. Sanitizer dispensers are placed at numerous points in public areas. Entertainment facilities for kids as well as play areas are disinfected regularly. Recreational facilities including the gymnasium, spa, shops, and theatre are disinfected twice a day. 

Sanitization of Restaurants & Food Pavilions

Restaurants, Bars and Food Pavilions are disinfected and cleaned thrice a day. Sanitizer dispensers are placed at every entrance and exit. In order to ensure social distancing, seating arrangements have been rearranged and the self-service facility at buffets has been put on hold. Food and beverages will be served by crew members wearing face masks and disposable hand gloves. Cordelia does not source any products from regions that are severely affected by the pandemic. Culinary use of wild animals is strictly banned on board. 

Air Ventilation 

Fresh air is filtered and supplied to all cabins and public areas on board. Air filters and cooling coils are inspected regularly and are thoroughly cleaned to ensure safe and healthy air quality. 

Onboard Medical Facility 

Empress is equipped with a fully functional medical facility that operates 24/7. It also includes an isolation ward for cases of emergency. Consultation and isolation facilities are provided if required. Sanitization procedures and disposal of medical waste adhere to guidelines set by the World Health Organization. The ship is stocked with masks and medicines, with inventory being reviewed before and after every journey. 

Safety Standards & Practices for crew members

The safety of guests as well as crew members is the top priority at Cordelia. As part of the Healthy Waves Initiative, all crew members are required to wear special face masks, adhere to cleanliness protocols, and undergo temperature checks twice a day. 

Cordelia is committed to making sure your next holiday is special, while also keeping your safety at the forefront. So pack your bags, and get ready for an unforgettable experience at sea! 

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