On-board Cruise Spa to Relax & Rejuvenate

As if a cruise vacation was not rejuvenating enough, Cordelia Cruises takes rest and relaxation to a whole new level with an onboard spa.  Imagine relaxing at the sauna at our cruise ship spa while taking in views of the endless ocean expanse. Could it get any better than that? There’s no better way to prepare for your dreamy tropical vacation than by getting pampered luxuriously at Cordelia Cruises onboard spa. So mark your calendars, pack your bags and get ready to experience the ultimate in relaxation. Book your cruise with spa today!

Treatments available on your cruise ship spa

            One of the many perks of booking a cruise with a spa is that your cruise vacation becomes a heavenly getaway in every sense. With our onboard spa, you can truly escape the chaos of the outside world. Serena Spa is Cordelia’ cruise ship spa which featured a wide range of body spa treatments, right from deep tissue massages, to leisurely beauty treatments, a day at our cruise ship spa is sure you make you feel brand new. Cordelia’s onboard spa includes a beauty room, a dry sauna, a thermal lobby, thermal showers and a salon.  If you wish to, you could even book the thermal suite for which packages are available for both Singles and Couples.

Body therapy on your cruise ship spa

            Our Spa on our cruise offers a range of body treatments that are sure to alleviate any sort of stress you are feeling, right from aromatic back massages to Padabhyanga foot & leg massages, you are truly spoilt for choice. If you are in the mood for the ultimate pampering session, the Serenity Full Body Massage is what you should go for. A favourite among our onboard Spa massages, this treatment is performed with customized aromatic blends. You can choose from a range of four different oil blends best suited to your mood, including invigorating, relaxing, Sensual and stimulating. Inspired by Swedish and Asian traditional massages, this rejuvenating session lets the oil blends do the healing. If you’re suffering from sore muscles, treat yourself to a deep tissue massage on your cruise ship spa. Using a selection of aromatic oils, this deep pressure massage is sure to open up any tight spots on your body. If you’re in the mood for an invigorating treatment, the Thai Yoga Massage is just right for you. Based on ancient sciences and teachings, this massage includes various body manipulations and stretches that are perfect for energizing the body. Nothing beats our classical Indian head massage, with firm focus on deep pressure points, this treatment improves blood flow to the head while aromatic oils nourish the scalp.

Signature Spa Experiences on your cruise with Spa

            Our spa on our cruise Serena Spa offers customized therapy, as our experts recommend combinations based exactly on your requirements. This way, you enjoy treatments that are uniquely suited to your specific needs. We also highly recommend the Detox body massage, which is a combination of ancient herbal knowledge with modern day spa techniques. Featuring a combination of Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera, this wholesome therapy will surely get rid of any negative toxins in your body. You could also go for our Activated Charcoal Massage, which traps toxins and chemicals inside the body, allowing them to be flushed out so that the body does not reabsorb them. Another unique treatment at our Spa on our cruise is the Red Rice Massage, which includes a paste made from finely ground organic red rice and rose water. The rice paste exfoliates the skin while the rose water refreshes it. If you are looking to treat your body to some extra nourishment, go for the Coconut Milk Massage, which uses an extra thick solution of coconut milk that soothes the mind and softens the skin.

Body Works at your cruise with spa

            Show your body some love and indulge in one of our many Body work treatments. If you are looking a deep skin cleansing treatment, go for our Rich Coffee & Orange Scrub. This treatment features a scrub made from South Indian coffee beans, fresh oranges, cinnamon and yoghurt, a perfect blend of fragrances to soothe your senses. If you have been enjoying the sun and have tanned quite a bit, we highly recommend the After-Sun Cucumber Wrap. Specifically designed to cure sun burn, this cooling puree of cucumber along with eucalyptus oil is sure to get your skin feeling refreshed. Another favourite is our Sea Weed body treatment, which will help stimulate and revitalize the face and body while also eliminating water retention.

Facial Treatments at the Spa on our cruise

            Treat your skin to some luxurious facial cleansers that will make you look and feel like a brand-new person. Our Premium anti-aging facial treatment works on the fine ines and wrinkles for a radiant and youthful glow. It also boosts the skins vitality and firmness while leaving it toned, nourished and revived. Plus, it is accompanied by a back massage to make the experience all the more relaxing. You could also choose our Premium Hydrating Facial. Best suited to all skin types, this facial effectively soaks the skin with moisture and nourishes it to restore suppleness. It also increases stress resistance of the skin, making it the perfect treatment for that extra boost of hydration. Our onboard spa also offers Premium Mens Facial Treatment, which is a powerful combination of purifying, hydrating and refreshing sensations. It works with all skin types and cleanses deep within the skin. Ideal for all men, it helps to purify, energize and hydrate, leaving you with healthy skin.

Beauty Services at the Spa on our Cruise

            Serena Spa also offers guests all of the quintessential beauty treatments, right from waxing and threading, to hair styling, to pedicures and manicures. If you are in the mood to get creative, our onboard Spa also specializes in Nail Art, right from acrylic extensions to acrylic overlays to gel polish.

How to book your cruise with Spa

            To book your cruise with Spa, log onto Cordelia Cruises Website, select your preferred date, accommodation type, itinerary, and the number of people you will be travelling with. You could also get in touch with our travel experts by calling 1800 266 8927.

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