Destination Weddings Get A Major Makeover With Cruise Weddings


Destination weddings are a unique way of celebrating your special day. But if you are looking for a way to make your wedding day even more special, how about planning on getting hitched on a cruise? Taking your weddings vows in the middle of the ocean is sure to be a memorable experience and one to cherish for years to come. Wonder how a cruise wedding can be better than a regular destination wedding?

Get married with the beautiful ocean as the backdrop

Celebrate the most important beginning of your life with the gorgeous ocean as the backdrop, and the sound of the waves a testimony to the special occasion. Let the wedding vows meet the ocean views on the most beautiful wedding destination in India with Cordelia Cruises. From grand wedding celebrations to intimate weddings, we will turn your dream wedding into a reality with grandeur and magnificence. Your Happily Ever After begins here.


Plan your entire wedding ceremony on the cruise

There are numerous exclusive venues on the cruise that transform into grand wedding venues for the different wedding functions. With a seating capacity of more than 800 guests, the Marquee Theatre is the perfect venue for hosting the sangeet function, musical nights, and reception. The deck is the most gorgeous venue for the main wedding function. The mandap along with the Havan-Kund can be set up here. Our venues like Starlight, Connexions, Chairman’s Club, and Chopstix serve as dining and function venues for the wedding.

Planning a cruise wedding is simple and easy

Regular wedding planning requires every single detail to be taken care of. Right from the wedding venue, to the menu, functions, guest accommodation, decor, and entertainment, every aspect needs your attention and time. But, when you choose a cruise wedding, the planning is a hassle-free experience. We offer all-inclusive wedding packages where everything is taken care of – the wedding menu, venues, guest accommodation, bridal make-up, decor, the wedding cake, and a dedicated photographer and videographer to capture the special moments. It’s cannot get easier than this. All you have to do is book your all-inclusive wedding package and focus on celebrating this special occasion with your loved ones.

You are already at your honeymoon destination!

Many couples prefer celebrating their honeymoon at their wedding destination itself. A cruise wedding would serve both purposes! You can get married on a cruise sailing and enjoy your honeymoon at one of our exclusive onboard suites while cruising to amazing destinations like Goa, Lakshadweep, Kochi, Diu, and Sri Lanka. These destinations are popular honeymoon spots for couples who get the perfect combination of both a serene atmosphere as well as magnificent locales.

A cruise wedding is not just memorable, but also convenient. Along with getting all the services you need in one place you can actually spend time with your loved ones on board without having to worry about the arrangements. Go ahead and book your cruise with Cordelia and take your wedding vows with the ocean as your witness.

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