The Best Staycation in Mumbai – A Staycation That Takes You Places


Picturesque views, enchanting vibes, luxurious stays, exciting adventures, and dining with a view – these experiences define what makes for a dream holiday. And the best way to experience all this is by choosing a staycation on the move. Regular staycations are passe, it’s time for offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai with India’s premium cruise line – Cordelia Cruises – where the journey is as exciting as the destination.

Imagine not having to worry about cramped flight seats and waiting endless hours at the airport before you finally reach your holiday destination. Think of a holiday where the journey and destination are rolled into one. Sounds exciting right? Well, this is what your staycation would look like if you opt to go on a holiday with India’s premium cruise line – Cordelia Cruises – A destination that’s on the move. With the plethora of luxurious amenities and exciting activities that we offer, you would not want to leave the cruise even when it docks.

These experiences are just a drive away for Mumbaikars

The royal treatment begins the moment you set your foot on The Empress – Cordelia Cruises’ most iconic ship. The cruise ship takes you to stunning locations around the country so that your staycation is not just limited to one destination. Whether you are looking for an adventurous trip or want to go on a laid-back holiday, Cordelia Cruises has all that you’ve been looking for in your next trip away from the city life of Mumbai.

A city on the sea

The Empress is not just a cruise, it is a city on the sea. Whether you are looking for an adventurous trip or simply want to relax, the cruise liner offers various opportunities for every type of traveler. You can find a plethora of restaurants, exclusive bars, entertainment centers, activities, and so much more on board to guarantee you a fabulous time!

Cordelia Cruises brings the world closer to you. Enjoy several entertainment options onboard, and indulge in a range of cuisines from all around the world such as Continental, Italian, Pan Asian, and much more. It is a truly all-inclusive travel experience where you don’t just see the world but experience it too.

The facilities onboard Cordelia Cruises will truly stun you. From a private suite with a balcony and butler service to comfortable and affordable staterooms – accommodation on our cruise luxury gets redefined. Your whole experience at sea will be thrilling with the number of activities you can indulge in – right from movie screenings at the deck to magic shows, live musical performances, DJ nights, stand-up comedy acts, and much more. The cruise also offers all-day buffet facilities along with private dining arrangements for those who are looking for a more intimate affair. You can also raise a toast to the good life at one of the extra-luxe bars serving premium liquor from around the world. And if you are wondering what your kids will do during this time, don’t worry, there is a learning academy onboard where certified crew members will take care of your little ones.

A holiday where you will enjoy a fab time at the Casino


Onboard Cordelia Cruises, you can experience the casino world without having to plan a trip abroad. Gaming enthusiasts can try their hand at various games, right from cards and slot machines to table games in a lively setting. Challenge your friends at the poker table, take on the house in an exciting game of Blackjack, or cheer on at the roulette wheel – the possibilities are endless.

 A staycation where you wake up at a new destination each morning

Imagine waking up to a new destination each morning. What a refreshing and enlightening experience will it be for you to sail towards turquoise waters and endless skies. Bid the mundane life goodbye as you embark on a journey off the shores of Mumbai to the beach haven, Goa, or choose to sail towards Kochi or Diu for a culturally enlightening cruise vacation. Hop on a cruise that takes you to the spectacular islands of Lakshadweep to experience a beautiful blend of urban buzz and tropical bliss. 

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